i've never really been that into photography. actually, scrap that, i've never been into it at all. photography was just something that you did that helped preserve memories. with film cameras in the 80's and 90's, it was especially a case of hoping that pictures would come out more than anything, not that they were particularly good, in focus, not too dark etc.
it was only when i was around someone who was into photography and when i was taught to use a digital slr properly that i found it a bit more interesting. it is then really hard not to be drawn into the world of other types of cameras, lenses, film cameras and so on.

minolta xd5

i was loaned a minolta xd5 - my friend bought a box of old cameras and stuff from ebay and it was in this box, along with some film. so we decided to go somewhere to try it out! we drove about 3 hours to canberra when floriade (the annual flower festival) was on. unfortunately, it was an old film and therefore only 4 pictures came out, which was a bit sad. but i am not going to give up - i'm so pleased with the ones that did come out (they have such personality and distinct characteristics that you don't get with digital) that i will buy some new film and try it again!

floriade - poppies

floriade - tulips and pansies


purple daisies

that, unfortunately, is it. but it will not be the last of me using the xd5!